NEC Classic Motor Show

We have been trying to get to this show for the last few years but the starts had not aligned…. until this weekend!

Its quite expensive with the admission and then parking (and maybe some food!) so was not sure what to think but there was plenty of Fords! and came away happy. There was a good mix of road cars, rally cars and even some TV stars!

Was nice to see quite a few bog standard models on show, this Fiesta Pop was nice and tidy

I was really taken with this Jewel Violet 94 Escort RS Cosworth Monte Carlo, it looked amazing under the lights.

Plenty of Cortina’s and even a Twin Cam police car

Capri 2.0S with its original bill of sale

The Mk1 Focus RS’s had one of my favourite stands. The contrast with the cars just stood out.

Had a good look round the Mk1 and Mk2 Magnum shells on display, looked very good! could just imagine one of them sat in my garage for my next project!!

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