Mk2 Escort

Escort Headlining’s

Along with the seat pans, Lee Osborne on FaceBook is also making headlining’s for loads of Escorts! Made from moonstone material in dark grey or black. With some of the roof bars also avalible. Contact Lee on the link above for more details Mk2 Escort Mk2 Escort Van Mk3 and …

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Mk2 Escort Headlight Bowls

Lucas – 75AG 13010 JA Early metal Lucas bowls fitted to UK built Escorts Lucas – 75AG 13N010 CA Different style Lucas metal bowl Lucas – 75AG 13N 010 KA Later Lucas plastic bowls Carello – 75AG 13N 101EA (CA) Early metal bowls fitted to European built cars Carello – …

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Restore your Mk2 Interior Switches

The interior switches for the Mk2 Escort have a nasty habit of fading due to all of the sun we get in the UK!!!! So time for a quick refurb. Once they have faded and the plastic has lost its oil the only long term fix it for a respray. …

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