Restore your Mk2 Interior Switches

The interior switches for the Mk2 Escort have a nasty habit of fading due to all of the sun we get in the UK!!!! So time for a quick refurb.

Once they have faded and the plastic has lost its oil the only long term fix it for a respray. The internals change depending on the type and year of the switches but the process is much the same (or easier!) than the early heated screen switch in the photos.

First job is to strip the back of the switch down:

  • With a sharp small blade screwdriver ease the x4 back clips out
  • Remove the back being careful not to loose any bits as the spring normally wants to fire them across the floor!
  • check inside the switch in case the rocker pin is still there
  • Check you have all the parts shown in the last photo

Next pop out the switch again with a car full small flat screwdriver down the side to ease out the locating lugs, once out look in side the switch and flick the clips to remove the lens. Chances are the clip will break, don’t worry as can be glued in when complete.

Now its all stripped down we can get ready for paint.

  • Clean off all the grease from the switch back and give the contacts a scotch
  • Clean and scotch the plastics to paint
  • To keep the switch from blowing away I cut some slots in the bottom of a yogurt tub to hold it.
  • I use PlastiKote Satin Black but there are others that give a good look

Now time for the rebuild

  • A dab of copper grease on the contacts
  • Place the rocker pin in first towards the end of the switch
  • Then with the longer spring in place in the square rocker block and the slots on the side to the center (like the photo with the parts laid out above)
  • Push the block down so the rocker bar clips in to the plastic below the spring (so the spring is putting pressure on the rod)
  • Keep it pushed down as it will pop back out, I use a split pin to hold it together as per the photo below
  • Then place the back over the split pin and remove the split pin as you clip down the back

Next the rocker switch

  • Clean and pop the lens back in, I added a spot of super glue from behind
  • Refit with the legs slotting in to sides to engage with the block on the other side
  • Carefully prise back in to position
  • If the switch will not rock the legs have slid in to the wrong position

All done!

Below are some of the other types, most some with a larger contact and less springs some with two contacts, will add some more photos when I do some of the other ones

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