Keeping the Rain out!

Now the Escort is home one of the jobs on the ‘ToDo’ list was to keep the moisture out of it! but shopping around no one had a bubble available that would fit in my garage…Sounds like a challenge!

My first plan was to make my own bubble using a frame made from poles used for fruit netting covered with a roll of thick poly sheet with some adhesive zips to seal it up. But when searching I came across some large poly bags used to transport food and liquids within a shipping container on Ebay and the size would allow me to just fix to the garage walls and joists to seal the whole garage and do away with he frame.

Once the garage was cleared I added some batons to the walls so I could fix the poly easily. There was already a reinforced bottom to the bag so was perfect for driving the car in. To help support the weight of the bag I also used the batons on the inside to fix to the roof joists rather than screws that could pull through. I also had to add a extra joist under the garage door to allow the up and over door to close with out catching.

Then a little bit of trimming at the front to create a door and a pair of adhesive zips to seal once the car is in. Now with my dehumidifier inside it sucks out the moisture really quick and then switches off as sealed so not to burn the electricity!

Job Done!!

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