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We are OneMoreFord a group of Ford nuts who spend every day reading about, building, repairing and spending far to much money on our Classic Fords!

Just like many others we cant get over the cars we drove while we grew up so decided to keep driving them!

Drop us a mail if you want to get in touch at info@onemoreford.co.uk


Even before I started to drive, Escorts were on my radar through the various exploits of Vatanen, Mikkola and other drivers from the 70’s. So when I passed my test my first car had to be an Escort!

A white V reg 1300 GL which lasted about 6 months until a tree got in the way! after that various Mk1 and Mk2’s came and went. One that stuck around was a Mk1 Sebring Red Mexico so much so its now being brought back to life by Ju after being abandoned at the parents farm for far to long.


Mk1 Mexico’s, Mk2’s, RS Turbo’s, 2 Door Cosworth. Another long list of Ford Ownership built up over the years.


With rallying the main reason for Escorts, Dave has rallied a number of Mk2 over the years and also driven various Ford road cars, an early XR3 one of the rarer ones!

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