Mind the Spiders!

I need some RS alloy parts and running gear bits I said..

I know where there is a scrap RS2000 he said…………

Hence the new Addition we just could not pass up!!

So after a phone call and a blind purchase we set of to deepest darkest Wales to pick up what was supposed to be a donor car for my Mk2 Mex build.

As we were more concerned with making sure it did not disintegrate on the trip back home we did not do too much poking.

So complete with birds nest under the bonnet it arrived back home taking three of us and a lot of swearing to get it off the trailer!!

Time to have a look!!

A May 79 (T reg) Build RS2000, but on steels? standard door cards, no coin tray and sport style seats??

So its a Base Model RS2000!

Late in 1978 Ford in another astute (or is that penny pinching!) marketing strategy decided to create two levels of RS2000, the Base Model and the Custom. The custom got all the posh bits, 6J alloys, RS door cards and Recaro seats, the Base model? well none of that!

But back in the 70’s that was no reason not to go out and find all the custom bits to bolt into you Base Model and hey presto you have a custom!!

This one though seems to have missed all of that. Apparently owned by the local bank manager who used it as her daily driver for years until the dreaded MOT fails got to bad!

3 owners from new and still completely standard! Even looks like the original paint and decals!…….Did I mention the front of the car has decomposed??

Whatever!! we cant break this!!

So I’m still looking for my RS alloy bits and running gear then!!

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