MullRally 2019

So after a hectic 18 months building the new car the first test arrived! and so did the rain……

Notes checked, car washed and scrutinering passed. Ready for the rally!!

As the car was only finished last week we thought it was wise to take the opportunity of using the shakedown stage, glad we did as a water pipe blew off and needed a mod to keep it in place, and the rear suspension needed a a tweak or two!

Everything was going great until the countdown on SS1…..5 4 3 2 1 GO! and then misfire

Where did that come from! we managed to get through the first stage and stopped on the road section to have a look if there was anything out of place under the bonnet, could not see anything so on to SS2 but after we started the misfire was back in a big way so we had to pull over. Game over!. We tried to swap various bits in the morning to get to run the next leg but could not cure it.

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