Not Mull #2

On to the 2000’s and we start competing, 2001 was our first year so less photos taken but more fun had!

Our first outings were a mixture of quick stage time followed by spectacular crashs! The last two pictures tell one such story.

2004 Friday first leg, we where trying to catch back some time from a misfire all through the Lochs stage and then a broken alternator mounting bolt after a big landing over the jump at Ardtun.  Scrapped in to the control at Scridain before going OTL and after some tie-wrap mods to the bracket. Set off on  Scridain was and Gribun going well until the big jump at Gribun Rocks……

Which got the better of us and the rear quarter panel.

Was not all bad at this time as back we came in 2005 and managed to finish in the top 10, 9th overall our best finish.

As the years progressed and the cars advanced there cant be many rallies where a Mk2 Escort can still outpace a WRC Subaru, but I suppose it helps to be driven by local legend Calum Duffy, always amazing to watch and more than often able to get the car all the way to the end at the front.

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