Rs2000 4×4

So what’s the best way to get over the Mull Blues…………… Another Project!!

Its a bit newer than the Mk2! a 1994 4×4 RS2000 that has seen better days, its now a shell and boxes of bits!!

The running gear is missing but it came with a Mk6 4×4, rotten but with the 4×4 running gear complete.

Its amazing how any age Ford has exactly the same rot!!

One big difference between restoring a Mk2 Escort and a Mk5 Escort is the amount of repair panels available!  You can almost build a Mk2 shell from repair panels, for the Mk5 you are lucky to get more than wings and sills !!

So I managed to find a good 1994 car that can be used as a donor if needed!!

The 4×4 has some difference to the shell and running gear but this has little welding and low miles so a great start

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