Croft RS Owners Club Meet

For its first long run out Julian took the Mk1 to the RSOC day at Croft with the Oval Owners & South Staffs RS Owners

This was its first long distance outing and I must admit I had more than a few concerns, not least with the weather forecast giving temperatures in excess of 29 Degrees all the way up, but the old girl did a 354 mile round trip and never missed a beat! Held a steady temp half way up the gauge all the way there on Saturday and back down on the Sunday and with windows fully open I hardly felt the heat at all… OK, that’s a blatant lie, it was a sweat box but would not swap it for the world…

We were getting beeps and waves from passing traffic all the way there and back and enjoyed every minute of it. Just want to say a massive thank you to everybody in both camps for the welcome, was a great convoy there and back, and a great laugh at the Hotel on the Friday night, which was like a car show in itself with some of the kit on the car park! The icing on the cake was winning the Best Car On Stand Award with SSRSOC, which was a real privilege bearing in mind some of the company the Mex was keeping. Already looking forward to its next outing at the Rudyard Classics Meet on Wednesday.

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