Mk5 4×4 Update

One of the job’s on the Mk5 was to get the transmission checked over just in case I needed to find any replacements or spare parts. After a bit of a search I managed to find someone close to me who would strip the gearbox, diff and transfer box and and give them a good check over for any damage or excessive wear and rebuild for me.

While they were stripped down it also gave me chance to paint the casings. They were auqablasted first to get rid of the years of muck. Then a clean and ready for a bit of paint!

Paint complete after getting my hi tech spray booth Mk2 upto temp!

I am starting to find that getting some spares for the 4×4 is a little bit harder than for the Mk2 Mexico! I was lucky to find the NOS seals needed for the rebuild in the job lot I recently bought, and a couple of rusted bolts on Ebay, Bonus!

Looking a lot better now. Next is the transfer box

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