RS2000 4×4 Update

With the dark and wet nights drawing in the 4×4 is keeping me busy! The engine and box for the Mk5 RS ended up in this Mk6 rolling shell, so first job is to salvage all the Mk5 bits…… Oh and marvel at the amount of rust!!

As these are the first Mk5 and Mk6’s we have worked on I am amazed that the Ford designers managed to improved on the Mk1 & Mk2’s ability to decompose when in contact with air and water!!

The trims, inner arch guards just seem to trap water, moisture and dirt amazing!

We dropped the engine, box, suspension complete with the front subframe (thanks to Kieron for technical support!) after a battle to split the prop.

Once stripping all the bits down we can see the cast date code of 10H94 on the block which ties up with a build date of October 1994 for the Mk5 4×4

Next job bag and record all of the bolts, bolts, clips and brackets as spares!

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